Top 5 Reasons To Do A First Look At Your Wedding

February 27, 2019

A first look is a current tradition that allows the bride and the groom to see other for the first time before the ceremony and have an intimate moment together. It is such a special way to see each other! See the twinkle in each other’s eyes and enjoy how great you both look! Having shot a number of weddings with and without a first look, I’ve come up with a list of top 5 reasons to carry on with a first look!


1 | A private and dear moment together

What a magical way to see each other for the first time on your wedding day! You’ll be able to share in the joy with you best friend during a completely intimate experience. It’s an amazing way to express emotions with each other and believe me, there will be tons of emotions! During this moment I typically shoot with my telephoto zoom lens so that I can stand farther away and let you both have a sweet moment together. It’s such an honor to be a witness during this extraordinary moment for the bride and groom! A first look allows you as the couple to really take in the experience of just the two of you – you get to really enjoy each other before you get surrounded by family and friends.

Romantic elegant wedding moment at Philly weddingFirst look portraits at a Philadelphia wedding


2 | A way to relieve your nerves

A first look provides a wonderful opportunity to really calm your nerves before the big stages of the day. It’s a cozy way to get comfortable taking photos, without the pressure of any time constraint. There are so many  busy parts of the wedding day and a first look stops time for a little while and allows for those other jitters to disappear! Once you have that moment when you are together, a lot of anxieties of the day and what could go wrong will truly fade away!

Bride holding hands with groom at luxury wedding


3 | Enjoy cocktail hour with your guests

Typically when there is no first look before the ceremony, the professional bride/groom portraits and bridal party portraits are taken during the cocktail hour. This enforces a much tighter timeline for photos as there is a time constraint and there is no opportunity for the couple or the bridal party to enjoy the cocktail hour festivities and mingle with their guests. There is also no opportunity for me as the photographer to capture cocktail hour moments and reception decor (unless a 2nd photographer is hired).

On the other hand, when there is a first look – the formal bride/groom portraits will follow the intimate moment and then the bridal party portraits will conclude that session before the bride and groom freshen up for the ceremony! You get all the major portraits out of the way and get a chance to mingle and hang out with your guests! You will also get a set of reception space images – showcasing your investment in the fancy and memorable decor!

First Look hug at Philadelphia wedding


4 | Photograph portraits with a fresher look

A great benefit to getting your portraits done during the first part of the day is that you will both look amazing and flawless! Your makeup will have a fresh glow, your hair hasn’t gotten swept away by the wind yet and your outfits will be more crisp! Oftentimes, the ceremony takes place outdoors and the grounds tend to be muddy and those gorgeous wedding dress trains do tend to get somewhat tinged in time for the formal portraits. A first look will allow a way to avoid that for the professional portraits!

Romantic bride and groom portrait with veil


5 | Capture more magical photos together

Moving forward with a first look does create more opportunities for sweetheart photos! When the wedding has concluded, photos and videos will be some of the most treasured memories from the wedding. By selecting to do a first look with an adequate photo timeline will produce many more magical moments captured forever in photographic images!

black and white wedding portrait in the park

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