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March 20, 2019

The most amazing thing happened – you’ve gotten engaged! Congratulations on a joyous season in your lives! You have selected a wedding date at your dream venue and downloaded the wedding to-do checklist. The next thing on the list is “find a wedding photographer”! So you begin your online search only to find out that you have thousands of local photographer options to pick from! How do you begin the process of narrowing down and finding the right photographer for you? What makes certain photographers stand out and are they the right fit for YOU?! Naturally you will be drawn to a certain photographic style, a certain photographer personality and a specific level of customer service. In this post, I am going to share how my work and overall approach is different in comparison to numerous other names found in your Google search!


1 | Photo Style

If I could come up with three words to describe the look of my photos – they would be – colorful, romantic and timeless! I am a longtime painter as well and I’ve always been drawn to color because there is an effortless beauty to color and color brings up a lot of emotion and vitality! Color is so easily connected to feelings and it’s a wonderful thing to connect that to someone’s wedding day! If the wedding showcases the vibrant hues of foliage turning shades of green into orange, I’d love to capture that and display the reality of that scene. It’s my goal to photograph every aspect of each wedding with a vibrant approach. As everything in our lives changes and evolves – the art industry follows suit. Trends come and go. Yet there are certain things that remain timeless – even as many decades pass. Isn’t that amazing? To be able to create something that can keep a timeless charm and legacy through the years, is something that I strive for during each job and event. When I photograph engagements and weddings, I focus on the timelessness factor. Weddings are true fairytales and hold a very romantic feeling. To be able to capture the romance in each shot is a very big part of my photographic approach. A part of that romance is the connection shared between the couple and capturing loving glances and gestures – the focus in majority of my images being the couple. It’s so special to see the emotion jump off the screen! It really is about YOU and YOUR story! Another part of the romance is the delicate, soft approach to the images. It’s my goal to avoid harsh textures and lines.

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2 | Personality

On your wedding day – out of all the vendors – your photographer will be beside you for majority of the day. My clients have described me as a calming but fun presence! A photographer can be a positive force and help the couple have fun and be in good spirits!

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3 | Customer Service

I will take care of you and guide you as you were a dear friend! There are so many stress factors during the wedding planning – it’s my goal to alleviate any stress. I will be there for you not just as a photographer, but as a supporter so that you can enjoy your wedding day and relive the images with laughter and wonderful memories. I guide my clients from start to finish by keeping in touch, sending wedding questionnaires that can help me serve them better, sending positive notes and being very responsive to emails and questions. I always tell perspective clients that if you haven’t heard from me within 24 hrs, check your spam folder :))! I myself got married a few years back and remember the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety – it’s my intent to relieve those feelings for my clients. I bring back up gear to events to ensure I don’t miss a moment. I carry extra water bottles to keep the bride and groom hydrated and always have extra pins – I can’t even count how many times those came in handy! Ultimately, I am a big believer in treating people as you’d like to be treated as a customer. Treating clients with care is the main concept for the experience at Mariya Stecklair Photography!

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